This is our main downloads index.  A number of new platforms will become available in December of 2007.



Platform requirements

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Live Objects

A new drag-and-drop way of building trustworthy distributed applications.  Easy to use and easy to extend.

Currently runs on Windows but a Linux port is planned for 2008.

Download Live Objects


A completely transparent technology for improving inter-data-center connectivity to run on high-speed WAN links despite noise and bursty loss.

Think of it like an appliance: you need one Maelstrom box on each end of the link.  The box runs on Linux.

(December 2007)


High speed multicast with extremely low latency, scales well in numbers of groups

Currently requires Java/Linux.  API is fairly raw right now; we'll add support for a DDS pub-sub interface soon.

Download Ricochet


Scalable solution for indexing a very large system (a DHT)

Currently requires Java/Linux.  Implements a standard DHT API.

Download Kelips


Initial distribution is limited to scalable multicast.  Many extensions are in the pipeline and we expect to offer more and more access during the next few years. 

Currently runs on Windows XP/2003 or similar platforms, under .NET.

Download Quicksilver


Tempest is a development tool that automates most tasks that arise when replicating a web service for high availability and rapid response.

Not yet available, but will run on Java/Linux with a focus on Apache's Axis Web Services platform

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