We're developing a number of related component technologies:

Ricochet is a new multicast protocol for replicating objects where time-critical responsiveness is required.  The main target involves data centers and clusters running applications coded in Java.

Tempest is a development tool aimed at builders development new scalable services in the web services style.  It automates many tasks and uses Ricochet for data replication.

Quicksilver is a new platform for massively scalable data dissemination, for use in supporting publish-subscribe.  The system is stable and fast under conditions that cripple other solutions.  We're extending it with virtual synchrony and a number of other interesting technology options.  The focus here is on PCs running Windows.

Kelips is a unique peer-to-peer distributed hash table that can track the location of mobile objects or data so efficiently that, with minimal overhead on each participating machine, a desired object can still be located with a single remote procedure call.  We're extending it to support range-queries and multi-dimensional object keys.