PREDATOR Version 2.0 is now available for download

PREDATOR is an object-relational DBMS developed at Cornell University. The goals of the Cornell PREDATOR  project  are two-fold:

  1. To build a next-generation object-relational database system
  2. To make the code-base widely available for research and educational purposes.

PREDATOR is an object-relational database system. The goal has been to build a research and educational vehicle that can handle real-life database problems. Discover the features of Predator V2.0.

The source code of PREDATOR is freely available to the database research community, as are design documentation and implementation notes. The system has been built on top of the SHORE storage manager library from the University of Wisconsin (also publicly available software). We hope that others in the community will modify, improve upon and add to this system, so that we develop a common freeware DBMS for research and education. To facilitate such use, we have provided extensive documentation of the system. There is also an online interactive tutorial that is more useful than most user manuals.

The system has been developed by Praveen Seshadri and the Predator group at Cornell with support from various sources. Meet the current group and the alumni. Read about the history of the system

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