Yanling Wang

Ph.D. Student,
Computer Science Department
Cornell University
5157 Upson Hall
Ithaca NY 14853

I am on leave of absence for the school years 2006-2008. Right now I am a full-time employee for Google Mountain View office.


  • Region-Based Memory Management in Cyclone.
    Dan Grossman, Greg Morrisett, Trevor Jim, Michael Hicks, Yanling Wang, James Cheney.
    ACM Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, pages 282–293, Berlin, Germany, June, 2002.
  • Cyclone: A safe dialect of C.
    Trevor Jim, Greg Morrisett, Dan Grossman, Michael Hicks, James Cheney, Yanling Wang.
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference, pages 275–288, Monterey, CA, June 2002.


    cs153 - Principles of Programming Language Compilation (Fall 2005)
    cs611 - Advanced Programming Languages (Fall 2001)
    cs312 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Spring 2001)
    csci410 - Translation of Programming Languages (Fall 1998)


    Harvard Programming Language Group "Triforce"
    Cyclone Project
    Harvard Security Lunch
    Harvard Programming Language Seminar
    Harvard MOOdules reading group
    Cornell Programming Language Discussion Group
    Cornell Language and Compiler Seminar