Peru2000 - Food

Inca Trail (4 days)

The Lucie plan...
Day one:
Appetizer: Lipton soup of choice
Entree: Sausage sauteed with onion and egg accompanied by hash browns.
Dessert: Brownies

Day two:
Appetizer: Lipton soup of choice
Entree: Pasta with sun dried tomatoes, basil, and grated parmesan cheese.
Dessert:  Warm custard

Day three:
Appetizer: Lipton Soup of choice
Entree: Spaghetti with red sauce and alfredo sauce accompanied by corn and peas
Dessert: Chocolate pudding

Day four: (optional)
Appetizer: Lipton Soup of choice
Entree: Rice with herb sauce
Dessert: Vanilla Pudding

Hiking and Base camp (8 days)

For Simeon/Eric/Simon there are 13 days Tinqui->Tinqui, for Jim/Martin there are 11 days. Counting 5 of the 13 days as notional hill days we have 8 basecamp/hiking days. Perhaps that should be 4 hill and 7 basecamp/hiking for Jim/Martin.

Decided (phone call with everyone, 13Jun2000) to buy just very basics as group food. Simeon to buy

Hill (5 days)

Maybe 5 days for Simeon/Eric/Simon and 4 days for Jim/Martin, see above.

Group food for the hill

We have 24 MREs which equals 1 each per day with one spare counting 23 hill-person-days. 1 cup-a-soup and 2 outmeal each per day also accounted in hiking/basecamp food. Everything else to be bought communally.

Personal foor for the hill (Simeon's tentative plan)

Accouting for 5 days:
  Nature Valley `Oats n honey' (pack of 2) 42g, 180Cal
  Instant oatmeal and sugar
  Tea/Hot chocolate

  Dried fruit
  Gummy bears
  More outmeal basrs
  Tea if we stop to brew up (suggest once in middle of day perhaps)

Evening meal:
  MRE (group)
  Soup x2
  Hot chocolate

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