INFO 651 : Assignments


You will do weekly one-page reading responses, which are due on our wiki by Monday at midnight. These responses have two components:

  1. One-paragraph description of one of the week's readings, that summarizes the argument made and the evidence being used in support of that argument.
  2. Ca. one-paragraph response to the reading. You may choose the form of your response; some examples are:
    • Discussion of an issue or problem raised by that reading that you find interesting.
    • A link to a related news article or short piece from outside of class.
    • A comment on or contribution to someone else's reading response.
Reading responses are graded on a pass/fail basis. During the course of the semester, you may skip 2 of them without penalty.

You will write two papers for this class. The first will be 10 pages, on a topic you choose related to the course content. The second will be a long paper on a group project you develop with teammates from the course. Each group project will involve the design, implementation, and evaluation of some technology as a form of critical technical practice.

Alterations to these assignments are always possible upon approval of the instructor.

Grading formula:

  • Weekly Responses: 10%
  • Short Paper: 25%
  • Long Paper: 45%
  • Oral presentation: 5%
  • Class and on-line discussion: 15%
Grading is not just a matter of numbers, but also of judgment. The instructor reserves the right to adjust grades by up to half a letter grade based on knowledge of your performance not summed up in this tidy formula.

Instructor: Phoebe Sengers
Location: Upson 315 Snee Hall 1150
Time: Tu, Th 3:50-5:05 11:40-12:55