INFO/STS 4240: Getting help

Your primary source for help and information in this class is our course forums at, which all the course staff follow. Course announcements are made there. We encourage you to register and get involved early.

Please also take advantage of our office hours. We are ready to answer your questions and to help you take your understanding further. Please take advantage of these valuable opportunities for one-on-one attention. After all, your tuition pays our salaries!

Private questions can be asked to specific members of the teaching team on piazza. Please note that only Prof. Sengers can change a grade; please see our regrade policy for details.

Note from Prof. Sengers: Owing to my schedule and the insane volume of email I receive, it is not always possible for me to answer within 24 hours, but course mail is a very high priority for me. Questions with 4240 in the subject line will be answered more quickly as they are highlighted in my mail reader.