Nawaaz Ahmed

Self Potrait
Dept. Of Computer Science
Cornell University

488, Rhodes Hall
Cornell Univ.,
Ithaca, NY,14853



  301,Maple Ave,
  Apartment I-7
  Ithaca, NY,14850

  (607)-273-1948 Color


Hi, I am Nawaaz Ahmed, a graduate student in Computer Science at Cornell University. Together with my advisor Prof. Keshav Pingali I work on program transformations for improving data locality in numerical applications. In processors with deep memory hierarchies, it is essential that programs make effective use of caches. Our recent work on locality enhancement enables compilers to tackle a much larger class of programs than previously known techniques.

Our group at Cornell University is involved with the development of compiler techniques and program tranformations for high-performance. A shameless plug for compilers and compiler writers :- One of the main reasons I chose to work in compilers and implementation of programming languages for my Ph.D. dissertation is that I liked the idea of developing the theoretical concepts needed to tackle a problem and testing them out in practice. Though I consider myself mainly a "systems person", I firmly believe that tools like compilers are essential for a systematic and sustained development of high-performance systems - whether software or hardware. A "compiler" that understands a particular application area and its quirks will become essential for achieving peak performance as architectures grow ever more complex.
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