Dive Computers and Diving Simulations

DIVER is a dive computer/simulator that can simulate a range of exponential models used in current dive computers. It graphically displays the saturation of model compartments and calculates time-to-decompress, decompression-ceiling, and no-decompression limits for the whole body as well as for each compartment.

How it works

Diver simulates the saturation of gases in the human body using a Haldanean model. Haldanean models assume exponential ingassing and exponential outgassing (EIEO), and simulate the human body using several compartments with different saturation half-times. Roughly speaking, each tissue type in the human body is modeled by a corresponding compartment whose saturation time matches that of the tissue type. For example, tissues such as joints, which are slow to take up dissolved gases and slow to release them, have a long saturation half-time (on the order of many tens of minutes) while the opposite is true for highly adoptive fluids like the blood.

While Haldanean models are simple, they are also quite effective. The US Navy has extensively tested and validated its models using volunteers, and consequently the recreational diving industry uses Haldanean EIEO models as the basis for all commercially available dive computers.

Yet despite the widespread adoption of Haldanean models, many dive computers disagree on the exact model parameters. Many people prefer to use models that are more conservative than those developed by the US Navy for people who are as fit as SEALs. Finally, some people would like to understand the internal workings of life-critical devices, including dive-computers, and see how they would react under extreme scenarios that are unadvisable to perform in real-life.

I developed DIVER to address these needs and to allow people to experiment with dive models. Users can specify which of the commercially available models they would like to use, or specify their own models.


Diver provides:

Diver supports the following models:

It comes with NO GUARANTEE. Do not use it in a life-critical setting.


You can download the software at no charge. It requires the X windowing system to display its results.

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