Associate Professor
Co-Director, Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts

438 Gates Hall
Computer Science Dept.
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-7673
(607) 255-4428 fax

Twitter: el33th4xor
Blog: Hacking, Distributed

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Directions to the Cornell CS Department


Two main options are to fly to Ithaca (ITH) or Syracuse (SYR). The Ithaca airport is 10 minutes from town, Syracuse is about an hour and 10 minutes away. At the moment (January 2014), USAir flies to Ithaca from Philadelphia and La Guardia, Continental via Newark, and Northwest via Detroit. It is most convenient to fly to the Ithaca airport, which is only 10 minutes from campus. It is often cheapest to fly out of Syracuse, where there are many more airlines serving the airport. There is bus service from Syracuse to Ithaca, and the trip takes approximately 1 hour.

If you fly into Ithaca, there is a hotel shuttle to and from the Statler Hotel.

In the fall and spring, many flights to Ithaca get delayed or canceled due to fog/weather. It's best to take a flight into town the day before your talk, and to not take the absolute last flight of the evening. In the event of a cancellation, ask explicitly if you can fly stand-by to Elmira, Syracuse or Binghamton -- all are within an hour of Ithaca.


It would probably be easier for most people within a six hour radius (at IBM Watson Hawthorne/Yorktown, CMU, Princeton, Lucent, Bell Labs, UPENN, U. of Rochester, U. of Buffalo, U. of Toronto, Boston) to simply drive in.

From the south, take 81 North, 17 West, 96B North, right onto East State Street, left to Mitchell St, left to College Ave, straight through a light, right onto Campus Rd. where the road ends in a T. You will see Gates Hall, with its distinctive architecture, at the intersection with Hoy Road. A left at that intersection will get you to the Statler hotel entrance.

From the north, take 90 West or East, 81 South, 212 South, 13 South, Buffalo St, left onto Campus Rd.


If you're coming from NYC (Columbia, NYU, Google, Yahoo, others in NY), the best option is probably the Campus-to-Campus Shuttle operated by Cornell University. It's a 4-hour bus ride, with full Internet connectivity throughout the bus ride, with a snack and drink bar. The cost is roughly comparable to the price of fuel for one person, and you can get work done while traveling. Around the holidays, reserve your ticket in advance, as the buses tend to book up quickly.


While there are railroads and freight trains in and out of town, there is no passenger service to Ithaca or to any of the nearby towns.


The Statler Hotel is a student-run, teaching-oriented hotel on campus just one block away from the Computer Science Department. It is probably the best hotel in Ithaca, and certainly the hotel with the best view and service. The Garden Inn downtown is a good second choice, and the Hampton Inn is a good third choice. For travelers on a budget, Best Western University Inn in Ithaca is a reasonable option -- it is not too far from campus, but it's a bit inconveniently located. Holiday Inn is a bit run down but is close to downtown.