Recent DNS Attacks

On Tuesday February 6th 2007, the legacy DNS system saw yet another massive attack illustrating some of the weaknesses we solve with CoDoNS.

Details are still emerging but we will update this page with information as it appears.

Last update: 2/11/07 7:13 PM EST

Data & Operations Discussion
dns-operations mailing list thread (original)
"This weeks DDoS against the root and TLDs" by Dave Knight at NANOG 39, Toronto (PDF)
RIPE NCC Graphs of Traffic
DNS roots attackedRisks Digest Volume 24: Issue 57, Peter G. Neumann

Mass Media Coverage
Hackers hit key Internet traffic computers -- 2/6/07
Hackers attack heart of the net -- 2/7/07
DDoSers bombard Military root server (and more) -- 2/7/07
Most Significant Internet Attack Since 2002 -- 2/7/07
Hackers attack key Net traffic computers -- 2/7/07
VeriSign To Spend Over $100M On Internet Upgrade -- 2/9/07
Net grows to meet fresh demands -- 2/9/07

Similar attacks occured in May 2006 and October 2002.


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