CorONA Privacy Policy

We, the folks who operate the CorONA service, are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never release your IM handle to any third parties, we will never divulge which feeds you are monitoring, and we will never send you any spam or updates from feeds to which you did not explicitly subscribe. We will not send you ads, and we will not require you to install or run any adware, malware, or in fact, software of any kind.

This is a research project, we are running this service for free for your benefit and to showcase our technology.

We will boast about the total number of users we have signed up and we will show the internal workings of the system on the web without revealing information about individual users so our colleagues can appreciate the elegance of the system.

We may revise this document in the future, but all such revisions will preserve the basic guarantees described here.

This is a strong commitment to your privacy. No lawyers were involved (or harmed!) in the drafting of this document; there is no small print that would allow us to violate the straight-forward principles outlined here. If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact us.


Computer Science Department
Cornell University