Travel Policy:  These guidelines are in effect July 1, 2023  through June 30, 2024.

Principle:  We want to create an environment where members of the CS department are encouraged to take advantage of the academic opportunities at our two locations in Ithaca and at Cornell Tech.   To encourage such interactions, academic-focused travel by Ph.D. students between the two campuses may be financially supported whenever there is a clear business purpose.

Funding will be available for: 

  1. Ph.D. student travels from one campus to another to meet with a prospective faculty advisor.
  2. Ph.D. student with advisor based at the other campus travels to meet with advisor/group.
  3. MS and PhD Ta's serving as remote TA's to either the Ithaca or NYC Campus

PhD students contact Becky Stewart to apply for funding. 

The funding available to support Ph.D. travel is limited.  Reimbursement is for transportation and lodging, and is capped at $600 per trip; the limit for any one traveler during a single semester or summer is $1200. Subject to these limits, all travel in the above categories will be supported as long as funding is available. If funds for a particular semester run low, support for PhD travel will be prioritized with preference to unaffiliated PhD students and to travelers who have not already been supported in that semester. 

Travel planning process:

To ensure smooth and convenient travel, and to ensure funds are still available, arrangements/approval for trips should be made in advance.  Reimbursements for trips not approved in advance may be denied if funding has run low.

PhD travel:

  • Please notify Becky Stewart in advance (two weeks prior to trip) about your planned trip, and fill out the CS PhD Travel Support Application Form, which asks for traveler dates, business purpose, and faculty host.  Faculty host must sign off on the trip request.   Use Adobe to complete the application/sign or print, collect signatures, scan and send via email to Becky..  
    • Becky will let you know about any limitations on reimbursement for your trip.
  • Use the checklist (below) to arrange bus, lodging, and card access (for trips to Cornell Tech).
  • After travel is complete (within 30 days), please submit a reimbursement form to Becky Stewart. Reimbursements beyond 30 days after the trip may be denied if funding has run low in the meantime.
  • Meals may be included per diem after transportation and lodging totals. (Meals are not provided for friends/groups)


Housing Options

    • ​​if you are planning to stay at the Graduate Hotel, please reach out to Melody and or Becky for the code for the Cornell Rate



  1. Reserve transportation
  2. Arrange housing
  3. Arrange card access for Cornell Tech — arrange through your faculty host so that you can come and go freely with your Cornell ID
  4. File for reimbursement within 30 days of trip