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Cornell Information Science
301 College Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850-4623
Phone: 607-255-2528
Fax: 607-255-5196
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I am a Senior Programmer/Analyst in the Digital Library Research Group in the Computing and Information Science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  My current project is the National Science Digital Library.


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Personal Interests


I listen to music a great deal, I play the French horn (for 27 years now), and I've recently taken up singing outside of the shower.  I was a classical purist for 20 years or so, but these days I'm mostly into jazz, specifically swing and sometimes be-bop.  My CD collection sports lots of jazz vocals -- four of my favorite singers are Diana Krall, Ella, Anita O'Day and Mel Torme, though there're many others whose work I enjoy. Outside of jazz and classical, I have a fondness for Paul Simon, and my collection also has a smattering of Klezmer, Irish and other folky flavors. I love music, and have a complex relationship with it that I don't fully understand.


I've had the good fortune lately of being able to travel to some really great places.  Patagonia.  The Galapagos.  The Dolomites.  Alaska. 


I'm an avid reader, and I've put together an annotated list of my favorite books.


silly picture of life imitating art (huge, sorry)

silly picture of me during June 2002 Trail Maintenance (huge, sorry)

even sillier picture of me on trail Maintenance (huge, sorry)

silly picture of me on Red Groom's "The Bus" museum exhibit 3-14-02

equally silly picture of me and Diane 3-5-02

Mildred Friedman (Lester's aunt) in a fireman's outfit.  She was 94 3/4 when this photo was taken!

Photo of my family (my parents, my brothers and their wives, and two nephlings).

Lester Berman was a dear family friend.  He lived from 1907 until October 30, 2000.  Here are some great old photos of him:

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