Comments:  This slide set is quite true to the book -- the order and content closely parallel the chapter structure and presentations use similar figures to the ones in the book.  For this reason I haven't annotated the actual slide decks (I did so for the other set) and don't have suggested readings (they should be obvious).  The same project suggested for the other slide set should work well here -- a distributed banking system with processes for each branch.

Index to slide set:  download all as a "zip" compressed file

  1. Lecture 1: Overview (will need to be edited to match your local course structure)
  2. Lecture 2: Fundamentals
  3. Lecture 3: Basic Communication, Part I
  4. Lecture 4: Basic Communication, Part II
  5. Lecture 5: Remote Procedure Call and Client-Server Systems
  6. Lecture 6: Stateless and Stateful Client-Server Systems
  7. Lecture 7: Transactions
  8. Lecture 8: Web Services
  9. Lecture 9: Content Distribution Networks
  10. Lecture 10: Transactions in very large systems and Web Service systems
  11. Lecture 11: Why do Systems Fail?
  12. Lecture 12: Models, FLP Impossibility Result
  13. Lecture 13: High Availability Systems
  14. Lecture 14: Membership Services
  15. Lecture 15: Group Communication Protocols
  16. Lecture 16: Virtual Synchrony Model
  17. Lecture 17: Quorum Replication (Paxos)
  18. Lecture 18: Applications of Distributed Systems Ideas
  19. Lecture 19: Applications of Group Communication  (as a pdf file... smaller)
  20. Lecture 20: Peer to Peer Systems
  21. Lecture 21: Distributed Hash Tables
  22. Lecture 22: Scalability
  23. Lecture 23: Astrolabe
  24. Lecture 24: Real Time Protocols and Systems
  25. Lecture 25: Overlay Networks