Interface WritersToReadersLabel

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, polyglot.util.Copy, Label, Param, java.io.Serializable, polyglot.types.TypeObject
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public interface WritersToReadersLabel
extends Label

Label that converts the writers of a label into readers. The label WritersToReaders(L) has the property that readers(WritersToReaders(L)) is a superset of writers(L).

Method Summary
 Label label()
          The nested label.
 Label transform(LabelEnv env)
          Apply this operator to the nested label.
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componentString, componentString, confProjection, description, hasVariableComponents, hasVariables, hasWritersToReaders, integProjection, isBottom, isComparable, isCovariant, isDisambiguated, isEnumerable, isInvariant, isRuntimeRepresentable, isTop, labelCheck, leq_, normalize, setDescription, simplify, subst, throwTypes, toJava, toString, variableComponents, variables
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equalsImpl, position, typeSystem
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Method Detail


Label label()
The nested label.


Label transform(LabelEnv env)
Apply this operator to the nested label.