Interface ConstArrayType

All Superinterfaces:
polyglot.types.ArrayType, java.lang.Cloneable, polyglot.util.Copy, polyglot.types.Qualifier, polyglot.types.ReferenceType, java.io.Serializable, polyglot.types.Type, polyglot.types.TypeObject
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public interface ConstArrayType
extends polyglot.types.ArrayType

A ConstArrayType represents an array of base types, whose elements cannot change after initialization.

Method Summary
 boolean isConst()
          The array type is a const array (or castable to one).
 boolean isNonConst()
          The array type is a non-const array (or castable to one).
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Method Detail


boolean isConst()
The array type is a const array (or castable to one).


boolean isNonConst()
The array type is a non-const array (or castable to one).