Class Wrapper

  extended by polyglot.ast.Node_c
      extended by polyglot.ast.Term_c
          extended by polyglot.ast.Expr_c
              extended by jif.parse.Wrapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, polyglot.ast.Expr, polyglot.ast.JL, polyglot.ast.Node, polyglot.ast.NodeOps, polyglot.ast.Prefix, polyglot.ast.Receiver, polyglot.ast.Term, polyglot.ast.Typed, polyglot.util.Copy

public class Wrapper
extends polyglot.ast.Expr_c

A Wrapper wraps an Amb inside an AST node so that it can be insert in the AST. However, the tree must be visited by an UnwrapVisitor before it is returned from the parser, otherwise the other phases of the compiler will be unable to work with the tree!

Field Summary
 Amb amb
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ast.Expr_c
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ast.Term_c
exceptions, reachable
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ast.Node_c
del, error, ext, position
Fields inherited from interface polyglot.ast.Term
Constructor Summary
Wrapper(Amb amb)
Method Summary
 java.util.List acceptCFG(polyglot.visit.CFGBuilder v, java.util.List succs)
          Visit this term in evaluation order.
 polyglot.ast.Term firstChild()
 polyglot.ast.Node visitChildren(polyglot.visit.NodeVisitor v)
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exceptionCheck, exceptions, exceptions, listChild, reachable, reachable
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addDecls, buildTypesEnter, checkConstants, childExpectedType, copy, copy, copy, del, del, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, disambiguateOverride, dump, dump, enterChildScope, enterScope, error, error, exceptionCheckEnter, ext, ext, ext, ext, init, isDisambiguated, node, position, position, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, print, printBlock, printSubStmt, throwTypes, toString, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, typeCheckOverride, visit, visitChild, visitEdge, visitList
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init, node
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addDecls, buildTypesEnter, checkConstants, copy, copy, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, disambiguateOverride, dump, dump, enterChildScope, enterScope, exceptionCheck, exceptionCheckEnter, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, prettyPrint, throwTypes, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, typeCheckOverride
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Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.Term
exceptions, exceptions, reachable, reachable

Field Detail


public Amb amb
Constructor Detail


public Wrapper(Amb amb)
Method Detail


public polyglot.ast.Node visitChildren(polyglot.visit.NodeVisitor v)
Specified by:
visitChildren in interface polyglot.ast.NodeOps
visitChildren in class polyglot.ast.Node_c


public java.util.List acceptCFG(polyglot.visit.CFGBuilder v,
                                java.util.List succs)
Visit this term in evaluation order.

Specified by:
acceptCFG in interface polyglot.ast.Term
Specified by:
acceptCFG in class polyglot.ast.Term_c


public polyglot.ast.Term firstChild()