Class JifSynchronizedExt

  extended by polyglot.ast.Ext_c
      extended by jif.ast.Jif_c
          extended by jif.extension.JifStmtExt_c
              extended by jif.extension.JifSynchronizedExt
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Jif, JifStmtExt, polyglot.ast.Ext, polyglot.util.Copy

public class JifSynchronizedExt
extends JifStmtExt_c

Jif extension of the Synchronized node.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jif.extension.JifStmtExt_c
Fields inherited from class jif.ast.Jif_c
toJava, X
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ast.Ext_c
ext, node
Constructor Summary
JifSynchronizedExt(ToJavaExt toJava)
Method Summary
 polyglot.ast.Node labelCheckStmt(LabelChecker lc)
          Label check the synchronized statement.
Methods inherited from class jif.extension.JifStmtExt_c
copy, init, labelCheck, stmtDel, stmtDel
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checkAndRemoveThrowType, checkThrowTypes, getPathMap, integerBoundsCalculated, toJava, toJava, updatePathMap, X, X
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dump, ext, ext, node, toString
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dump, ext, ext, node

Constructor Detail


public JifSynchronizedExt(ToJavaExt toJava)
Method Detail


public polyglot.ast.Node labelCheckStmt(LabelChecker lc)
                                 throws polyglot.types.SemanticException
Label check the synchronized statement. Just lets the label checker visit its children.

Specified by:
labelCheckStmt in interface JifStmtExt
Specified by:
labelCheckStmt in class JifStmtExt_c