Date Posted: 12/08/2005

Cardie was also recently elected to the executive committee of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), the premier international organization for research and education in computational linguistics. A member of the organization since 1992 and on the board since 2005, she served two terms as the secretary of the North American chapter of the ACL.

"I am excited to find ways to help ACL student members more quickly feel an integral part of the computational language and natural language processing research community," said Cardie. "One possibility would be to support yearly chapter-level student research symposia, separate from the ACL and chapter conferences, where students could present their research and obtain feedback in informal settings. I also believe that it is important for ACL to continue its current trend in encouraging research that expands the boundaries of computational language and natural language processing --- for example, to include relevant work and ideas from information retrieval, machine learning, statistics, speech, psychology, and psycholinguistics."

Cardie is an action editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research, an associate editor for the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), and on the editorial board for Machine Learning journal.