QMG: mesh generation and related software

The QMG package does finite element mesh generation in two and three dimensions. The package includes geometric modeling software, the mesh generator itself, and a finite element solver. It is free software whose source code is downloadable from the Web. QMG2.0 runs under Unix and Windows NT.

There are now three releases of QMG:

QMG1.0, released 5 May 1995, and
QMG1.1, released 20 November 1996.
QMG2.0, released 3 September 1999.
Patch 1, released 17 November 1999.
Patch 2, released 16 March 2000.
Other useful websites for mesh generation and geometric software are:
Robert Schneiders' mesh generation home page.
Ian McPhedran's page of finite element resources on the Web.
The University of Minnesota Geometry Center's list of software for computational geometry.
Jonathan Shewchuk's Triangle package.
Scott Mitchell's home page including links to the mesh generation work at Sandia.
Steve Owen's Meshing Research Corner.

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