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I have tried to keep track of the evolution of each plant throughout the seasons. Below you will find thumbnails of each plant. Each time, the title above the thumbnail links to a page with a detailed description and history of the plant.

Water lillies and Lotus


James Brydon
[no photo]


"white-pink" lotus

Marginals and floating plants

Cattail Dwarf Umbrella Palm

After a rather unhappy winter behind a basement window, it's recovering slowly. I pruned all the yellow leaves (about 50%!) and placed it into the pond after the (hopefully) last frost of the season.

White Siberian Iris Yellow Iris
Aquatic Mint

The catalog promised a nice scent, and ideed, touching the plant is a pleasure. Also, it turns out to be great mint for cooking! But beware of the incredibly invasive roots...

Pickerel Rush
Water Hyacinth Primrose Creeper
Parrot's Feather Dwarf Bamboo

... which probably isn't really bamboo. Lilypons sells it under that designation but really calls it Dulichium Arundinaceum. Note that real bamboo hates wet feet, yet they recommed a water depth of 0"-4". Oh well, I goofed when unpacking: it sat around in the plastic bags for too long and never recovered. Now that we have real bamboo, I'm not sure this was such a great loss...

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