Redux - what's the matter with Kansas?

This a collection of paraphrases of paragraphs of the first part (the introduction through a couple of pages into Chapter 8) of the book

What's the Matter with Kansas?
by Thomas Frank, 2004
This work is incomplete mainly because I lost interest in reading the rest of the book.

The purpose was to try to extract from the book the claims Frank makes from which one might draw significant inferences. I have explicitly avoided imitating Frank's phrasings except where quoted explicitly or for special-purpose word combinations. The paraphrases are typically much shorter than the originals, making this redux a sort of index to (part of) the book. Here's roughly how the paraphrasing was done.

In addition to paraphrasing I have included in square brackets some remarks pertaining to the textual context or to my paraphrasing.

Each Chapter is represented by a single file of paraphrases marked by paragraph number (reckoned from the beginning of the book), the page number of the book at which the paragraph begins, and the first word of the paragraph for convenient alignment with the original text (and as an antidote to erroneous numbering).


Part One - Mysteries of the Great Plains Part Two - The Fury Which Passeth All Understanding Stuart Allen, Ithaca, NY