Information Clients

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Information Clients

  Along with the adoption of accessible information encodings at the server end, there is a corresponding need to develop accessible information clients. Currently, there is no real effort in this direction; visually impaired users typically make do by getting a screen-access program to speak what is displayed by a visually oriented client. Though this approach works for simple documents containing minimal visual layout, the approach breaks down when dealing with more complex documents, e.g.,tax forms, technical material and other sources of highly structured information.

The above breakdown occurs because all of the structural information is displayed by a visually oriented client by using visual layout cues which are lost when the display is directly spoken by a speech synthesizer or enlarged using a larger font. To read A detailed description of this problem and experience a solution that takes a revolutionary approach to speaking mathematics, visit Url: Hot Link.

This WWW page gives examples of complex mathematics spoken by AsTeR -Audio System For Technical Readings- a computing system that audio formats electronic documents to produce audio documents.

TV Raman
Fri Mar 10 11:34:09 EST 1995