July 16, 2002 Carmel, NY

These pictures were taken at my friend Angel's house in Carmel NY. Bubbles having fun with her chocolate friend Turon in these pictures. Thanks to Amy for the pictures and the annotations.

  1. Angel with the dogs on the deck
  2. Raman checking his e-mail with the dogs' help
  3. A cute photo of Hubble's face
  4. Another cute photo of Hubble
  5. The dogs resting on the rug
  6. Hubble and Turon resting in the house
  7. Hubble smiling for the camera and Tu with his eyes closed
  8. Hubble and Turon playing in the house
  9. Hubble and Tu resting at night
  10. Hubble and Tu continue to rest
  11. A cute photo of Hubble and Turon resting
  12. A great photo of Hubble and Turon being attentive
  13. Hubble and Tu lying down
  14. Two tired dogs after a tough day
  15. A cute photo of Hubble resting
  16. Hubble and Tu once again
  17. A photo of Turon
  18. A great close-up of Hubble resting in the kitchen
  19. Turon looking attentive
  20. Turon looking off in the distance
  21. Two tired dogs on the carpet
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