July 15, 2002 Carmel, NY

These pictures were taken at my friend Angel's house in Carmel NY. Bubbles having fun with her chocolate friend Turon in these pictures. Thanks to Amy for the pictures and the annotations.

  1. Hubble standing by the deck
  2. Hubble and Turon running on the deck
  3. Hubble in deep thought
  4. Hubble standing by the chair
  5. Hubble and Turon sitting down
  6. Hubble and Turon waiting for dinner
  7. Hubble wrinkling her forehead
  8. Let us in the house!
  9. Angel and Hubble relaxing on the deck
  10. Hubble and Turon enjoying Raman's socks
  11. Raman with Hubble and Turon
  12. Raman and Hubble shaking hands
  13. Raman and Hubble shaking hands again
  14. Raman and Hubble enjoying the sunset
  15. Raman petting Hubble
  16. Raman petting Turon with Hubble becoming jealous
  17. Raman continues to pet Turon despite Hubble's displeasure
  18. Angel petting Turon
  19. Angel and Turon after a hard day
  20. Hubble and Turon playing on the deck
  21. Hubble and Turon playing the jumping game
  22. Hubble and Turon having fun
  23. Dogs running in circles on the deck
  24. More of the jumping game
  25. And still more dogs jumping
  26. Hubble and Tu checking each other out
  27. Puppy power
  28. Dogs staring at the house
  29. Hubble and Turon sniffing each other
  30. Hubble kissing Turon and he loves it
  31. Hubble and Turon resting on the deck
  32. Hubble sleeping
  33. Hubble resting
  34. Angel playing with the dogs
  35. Angel giving the dogs a command
  36. The dogs kissing Angel and he loves it
  37. A profile of Turon
  38. Hubble and Turon looking into the kitchen
  39. Hubble and Turon looking into the kitchen ? a close-up
  40. Hubble and Turon hugging each other
  41. Hubble and Turon staring into the kitchen ? a cute picture
  42. Hubble on the deck at night
  43. Hubble and Turon in the morning
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