Hubbell (Bubbles) Labrador

Hubbell (Bubbles) Labrador AKA Aster II --is an effusive female yellow Labrador. Born December 21, 1997, she was raised in Virginia and graduated from Guiding Eyes Yorktown Heights, NY on February 26, 2000. You can click on any of the embedded images below to obtain larger high resolution versions if available.

Hubbell As A Puppy

These pictures were given to me by Hubbell's puppy raiser and show her growing up in Virginia .
Hubbell as a growing puppy Hubbell as a growing puppy
Hubbell as a growing puppy Hubbell as a growing puppy

February 2000: Hubbell At Guiding Eyes

These pictures were taken at Guiding Eyes on Monday, February 21, 2000.

May 2000 San Jose, California

These 16 pictures were taken by Hans Zoebelein when he visited me in San Jose , CA in May 2000.

June 2000: Hubbell At IBM Watson

These four pictures were taken outside IBM Watson in Yorktown Heights on June 29, 2000.

Seattle (WA), July 2000

These pictures were taken while I was out in Seattle at the end of July 2000.

De Anza Park (Sunnyvale CA) May 20, 2001

These five pictures were taken on May 20, 2001 during a summer picnic at De Anza Park in Sunnyvale CA.

Hubbell (Bubbles) Labrador At XForms FTF --NY, September 2001

Thanks to the excellent meeting facilities provided by Phillips NY-- and the wonderful members of the XForms working group, Hubbell Labrador participated fully at the September 2001 XForms FTF-- these pictures taken by Josef Dietl show her in action during the meeting. Rather than lying quietly under the table all day long, she got to play with her toy --and at times co-chaired the meeting while at other times conveyed her overall feelings about what we were discussing.

October 11, 2001 Los Altos CA

These pictures were taken October 11, 2001 by my friend Suresh.

June 2002 XForms Copenhagen FTF

Here are pictures from the trip to Copenhagen, Denmark where Bubbles and I attended the XForms FTF. The meeting was to have been across the border in Sweden, but it was too complicated to take a guide-dog to Sweden, and we moved the meeting to Denmark --thanks to the XForms WG Chairs!

July 2002, Carmel, NY

Pictures taken in Carmel, NY July 15, 2002 and July 16, 2002.

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