Computational Aspects of the Design of Micro Mechanical Hinged Structures

Joint work with Bruce Donald.
We are interested in determining the shape of micro mechanical hinged structures [3], given specifications of their parameterized geometry and their functionality.
Interactions between mechanism components are reflected in their configuration space (C-space). Each pair of components in contact is responsible for a surface region in C-space. Adjacency relationships of these regions define a C-space graph whose nodes represent contact states of the mechanism, and whose edges represent physically feasible state transitions. Parameterized components result in parameterized regions, and thus parameterized C-space graphs.
Functionality requirements may dictate properties of parts of the C-space graph, e.g. a certain start or an end state, or a certain path of states. We describe an algorithm that determines values of design parameters such that given functional requirements are satisfied.

The figures above show a parameterized C-space from two different points of view. The corresponding mechanism has two degrees of freedom (x and y axis), and one design parameter (z axis). Different horizontal slices of this graph may have very different shapes. This means that the corresponding designs exhibit different functionality.


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    Also of interest:

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