Building Micro Fallingwater

A project by Karl Böhringer and Ken Goldberg.

We have built a microscopic model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater using a silicon micromachining process that has been developed to create a variety of Micro Electro Mechanical Structures (MEMS).

The Fabrication Process: The design of these tiny structures has to obey strict rules. It is drawn on a computer aided design (CAD) system, referring to copies of the blueprints from Frank Lloyd Wright. The CAD design is then automatically decomposed into a sequence of rectangles, which allows the generation of patterns on lithography masks. Once the lithography masks are finished, the micro Fallingwater structures are fabricated on a silicon wafer in a sequence of lithography, deposition, and etching steps.

More about design rules for building Micro Fallingwater.

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We thank Bruce Donald and Noel MacDonald for their creative advice and support. Thanks also to staff and students at the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility.

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