The way the Bush administration operates

"By their deeds shall you know them."


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What they do counts, not what they say

If the administration has integrity, ethics, and character, then policies will fall into place,
for the administration will be guided by the good of the country, and
it will engage in open, honest, and meaningful dialog with the whole nation.

If an administration has no integrity, ethics, and character, then the nation better beware.

Politicians may promise something but don't always deliver. They may say one thing but do another.

We tend to get our information from TV, in small messages, political ads, and speeches that are designed to sway us rather than to give us information. In this sense, TV has been the worst thing for politics, for it emphasizes show and entertainment rather than content.

Today, it is best to go by what people do rather than what they say.


"This television image can have its disadvantages. One of the most prevalent drawbacks is that it shifts the electorate's - and the candidate's - attention from his policy to his image. People will judge the candidate on looks rather than ideas." John Gans

"Television inherently simplifies complex ideas into emotional, self-oriented moral and political impulses." Jeffrey Scheur

"His [Kerry's] very skill in oratory may be his undoing, because in the political arena, the era of oratory is over. We live in the moment of the sound bite." Allan Metcalf

I suggest:

  1. Don't be swayed by political ads and speeches.
  2. Use discrimination, and compare what people say with what they do.

We can only estimate what a Kerry administration will do because he has not been president. But he has been a Senator for 20 years, and we can go look at his record there. There have been some issues of his honesty in campaigning again Weld in 1996, and there is talk of his and his wife's money, but I do not find the large patterns of secrecy, lies, abuse of power, and conflict of interest that I see with the Bush administration.

Consequently, I would expect a Kerry presidency to exhibit far more integrity, honesty, and openness —qualities that the Bush administration has lacked. For me, the character of the administration is far more important than its policies. With a good character, the policies will take care of themselves. This administration, through its actions, as discussed in the links to the left, have shown a complete lack of character and integrity.

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