This applet requires Java 1.1 awt facilities. Here is what I have learned about browsers concerning Java 1.1 facilities as of 18 February 1998.

Internet Explorer on the PC. Handles Java 1.1. awt; you should encounter no problem.

Netscape on the PC. You need at least Communicator 4.04 together with SmartUpDate for JDK 1.1. You could get all this as follows. First: download Communicator 4.04 from Second: uninstall your current netscape browser. Third: install the just-downloaded Communicator 4.04. Four: to update Communicator 4.04 for Win32, (a) Access URL; (b) click on Netscape Download; (c) under accessories click on Patches; (d) click on Download; and (e) under SmartUpdate updates for Communicator / Win32 click on JDK Update.

Internet Explorer on the Macintosh. At URL we find the following:

Q: I'm using Microsoft Internet Explorer and I want to use it with MRJ. How do I do this?

A: Microsoft Internet Explorer supports MRJ as well as Microsoft's own virtual machine. To enable MRJ, choose the Preferences command in the Edit menu, then select "Java" (under the Web Browser category) in the option directory on the left side of the dialog box that appears. In the panel on the right, use the "Java virtual machine" popup menu to select "Apple MRJ". You must then quit Internet Explorer and run it again before it will start using MRJ.

Q: I previously had MRJ 1.0.2 installed, but when I installed MRJ 2.0, the OpenDoc part "Apple Applet Viewer" no longer works. When I try to use it, I see an error message saying the document could not be opened due to a missing library "MRJAVFLib". How can I avoid this?

A: To work around this problem, you must either install MRJ 1.5.1 before upgrading to MRJ 2.0, or hand install the Apple Applet Viewer that was included with MRJ 1.5.1. (The file is not included with MRJ 2.0.) You can download "Apple Applet Viewer" from the following web locations:

To install the new Apple Applet Viewer, open the "Editors" folder in the active System Folder. There should be a folder there called "Apple Applet Viewer Libraries". Drag the new "Apple Applet Viewer" into that folder, replacing the one already there.

Netscape on the Macintosh. Sorry; Netscape on the Mac cannot handle the Java 1.1 awt (as of 18 February 1998).