The Wedding of Susan Gries and Mark Langston

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Elaine and David Gries and Marcia and Wink Langston are proud to announce that their daughter Susan Gries and son Mark Langston were married on 13 September 2008, at Camp Westwind in Oregon. David Gries was the officiant, meaning that he performed the wedding, under the authority invested him by the Universal Life Church Monastery.

A lot of the pictures shown below were taken during the wedding by Christian Gries and some by Elliott Schofield —thank you Christian and Elliott! You can read the ceremony in this pdf file.

1. Portland before the wedding. These pictures, taken at Susan and Mark's house before the wedding, are mainly for family members to look at.
2. Camp Westwind. The wedding was held at this camp, on the Pacific Ocean, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. 100-150 people attended, some sleeping in tents on the beach.
3. Barging in. To get to the camp one had to take a barge across a river that flowed into the Pacific Ocean. These pictures show people being barged across, unloading their gear, and walking up to the camp, to be greeted by Susan and Mark.
4. Campfire. Friday night, we sat around a campfire on the beach.
5. Story telling. Rick Huddle enthralled people with his story telling on Saturday morning.
6. On the beach. Here are pictures of people on the beach on Friday and Saturday.
7. Rehearsal. The rehearsal Friday evening was very informal.
8. Scenes. Here are scenes of the beach and camp --a beautiful place to spend a weekend.
9. Small groups. Pictures of small groups of people, enjoing the camp.
10. Larger groups. Pcitures of larger groups.
11. Miscellaneous shots of people.
12. Wedding poses. These pictures were taken of the wedding party on the beach, just before the wedding.
13. Wedding preparation. A few pictures of the preparation for the wedding. See the musicians performing, and see the officiant's official certification.
14. Wedding ceremony. The Ceremony took place Saturday afternoon, about 4PM, in front of the lodge.
15. After the wedding. A few shots taken after the wedding.
16. Langston Family. Some pictures of Mark Langston, the groom, and his family.
17. Gries Family. Some pictures of Susan Gries, the bride, and her family.
18. Paul Gries Family. Enough pictures were taken of Paul Gries (David's son) and his family to warrant giving them a separate page.
19. Reception dinner. Pictures from the dinner held Saturday evening after the wedding ceremony.
20. Honeymoon. Susan and Mark had their honeymoon on top of a mountain, in a firetower.