Jui-Yuan Fred Hsu The Software Engineer.

(in current version, only feet are shown)
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* my RESUME (.ps) <- yes! you are looking for this.
Some of my projects (others will appear soon).
* Distributed HTTP Server

* SCRAMO - A MIDI-Choreographed Animation Model (postscript)

* VPLA - Visual Programming Language for Animation
Links to current affiliations:
* HP Massachusetts Language Lab
* HP Computer Languages
* Hewlett Packard
Links to previous affiliations:
* Cornell Computer Science
* Cornell Theory Center - Visualization Group
* Cornell University
* Binghamton University
* Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Interests and Hobbies: (this section will be developed soon; maybe next year)
Cello, Guitar

Cornell Computer Science Cornell Theory Center.

home: (617) 229-5961 (Burling, MA)
work: (508) 436-4592 (Chelmsford, MA)
fax: (508) 436-5135
email: fredhsu@apollo.hp.com
snail: 300 Apollo Drive, MS CHR-02-DC, Chelmsford, MA 01824