Frederick Smith

Frederick M. Smith

Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department. Member of the TAL group
Advisors:  Greg Morrisett, Dexter Kozen, and Richard A. Shore
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The goal of my research is to simplify and speed the development of complex software systems. Read my research statement to find out how.

Certifying Run-Time Code Generation

Hancock:  a language for processing large-scale data streams

MCC: a mostly-copying garbage collector

Kleene Algebra with Tests Completeness and Decidability.

ICFP 2000 Programming Contest

Mostly-Copying Collection: A Viable Alternative to Conservative Mark-Sweep.
Technical Report TR97-1644

The Complexity of Kleene Algebra with Tests.
Technical Report TR96-1598

Compiling for Run-time Code Generation
Submitted for publication to JFP SAIG 2001.

Hancock: A Language for Extracting Signatures from Data Streams
SIGKDD '00 (Best Paper Award)

Alias Types
ESOP '00
Companion Technical Report TR99-1773 contains complete proofs.

Hancock: A Language for Describing Signatures

TALx86: A Realistic Typed Assembly Language

Comparing Mostly-Copying and Mark-Sweep Conservative Collection.
ISMM '98

Kleene Algebra with Tests: Completeness and Decidability.

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