Bruce Randall Donald
Associate Professor

Ph.D. MIT, 1987

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In Spring 1997, I taught CS 212, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I also teach Robotics, Robotics and Machine Vision, and other courses.

Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory

Dan Huttenlocher and I founded the Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory in 1991.


Our Laboratory serves as an umbrella for interdisciplinary research in several interlocking sub-disciplines. The field of Physical Geometric Algorithms studies computational processes that compute or reason about geometric or spatial relationships in the physical world, and their realization in a variety of application areas. These areas include Robotics, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), and Computer Graphics. In the canonical examples of Physical Algorithms, we employ a computer to control a physical device in the world--- for example, one may imagine a computer-controlled robot arm or mobile robot. Our laboratory pursues the value proposition that, for such systems, predictions of behavior, arguments of correctness, and combinatorial precision devolve to a geometric analysis.

The Laboratory studies and develops Physical Geometric Algorithms in three domains:


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We have developed a team of small autonomous mobile robots that can move furniture around in our lab.

  • <--- Click here for a group portrait of our robots.

  • Click here to see a picture of Tommy and Lily mobot pushing a couch.

  • Click here to see a picture of Tommy and Lily rotating a couch.

  • Click here to see a picture of Tommy the mobile robot, drawn by Loretta Pompilio.

  • Click here to see pictures of people and robots working in the lab.

  • In the News.

  • See the article on our MEMS work in the New York Times Magazine (March 10, 1996, p. 21)
  • Our lab was on The Discovery Channel ("Beyond 2000") and you can find out more about it here.


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