Typesetting the Title

Here's the input file to create the title for our document. In this case, the document style is set to 11pt because of the size of the headers.


\title{Many Examples of How To Perform \\ Some Types of Formatting}
\author{Joan Doe \\ 52$\frac{1}{2}$ Frothing Lane \\
      Ithaca, NY 14850 
      \and John Q. Public \\ 32 St. Thomas Place \\
      Corning, NY}
\date{January 20, 1995}

In this paper, we present {\em several} bits of formatted
text which need to be figured out.  This is part of the $1^{st}$
class in the intermediate series, or part of the last class 
of the beginning series.

One of the nicest things about TeX is its ability to handle math
formulas.  (It's actually easiest if you know what the formulas
mean, but that's neither here nor there.)  For example, an 
equation which includes $x^2$ and $\sqrt{y+3}$ is the following:
w_i^j = \frac{x^2}{\sqrt{y+3}} + \sum_{k=1}^{100} \xi^k
which shouldn't be too difficult to typeset.