The Third Annual ICFP Programming Contest

In Conjunction with the 2000 International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP'00)


Congratulations to the winners:

First Place: Team PLClub from the University of Pennsylvania

Second Place: Camls R Us from INRIA

Judges Prize: Team Helikopter from Germany


See the contest results page for detailed information. (Well try to provide additional information as time permits.)


At the conference, we had a ceremony congratulating the winners. The presentation included an overview of the problem, some brief information on the winners, and some cool images. It is available as a PowerPoint document, (ugly) postscript, or (Netscape-unfriendly, MS-generated) html. When we get a chance, well convert to html by hand.



Available information about the contest:

        The (18th and final verision of the) task description (html, pdf, or ps).

        Details about the contest results, including submission statistics and the test images.

        Frequently Asked Questions about the task and the contest.

        A chronology of the breaking news formerly available on this page.

        The pre-contest publicity, including the prizes, rules on submissions, etc.


Last Update: 27 September 2000.

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