IEEE Workshop on Graph Algorithms and Computer Vision


Held in conjunction with the International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV99

Sponsored by IEEE

Corfu, Greece, September 21, 1999

There have been a number of interesting results in computer vision in the past few years that make use of graph algorithms. For example, graph-based methods have been recently used to address such classical vision problems as segmentation, stereo, and object recognition. The range of graph algorithms that have been used are also quite broad; recent examples include spectral methods, graph cuts and minimum spanning trees.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers in vision working in this area. We aim to appeal to researchers in computer vision who are making non-trivial use of graph algorithms and theory, and also to interest theoretical computer scientists in the graph problems that arise in vision.

Proceedings will be published in purely electronic format. Abstracts of accepted papers will be available at the workshop. Authors will also be strongly encouraged to make electronic versions of their presentations available as well.


Ramin Zabih Cornell (chair)
Davi Geiger NYU
Jitendra Malik Berkeley
Kaleem Siddiqi McGill


Yuri Boykov Cornell
Sven Dickinson Rutgers
Leo Guibas Stanford
Edwin Hancock York
Dan Huttenlocher Cornell
Marcello Pelillo Venezia
Sebastien Roy NEC
Jianbo Shi Berkeley
Eva Tardos Cornell