The Netherlands & Belgium, August 2003

In August 2003, after a great visit from Mom, Dad, Diana, Seth & Noah in Ithaca, we traveled to the Netherlands and Belgium to see Robbert's family.

We stayed first in Amsterdam, with Charles (Robbert's brother), Nicolien & their almost 2-year-old Anna.

Robbert's mother joined us the first night, and we went out to eat at the Amsterdam Restaurant, where we met up with Robbert's brother Frans, his wife Merel and new baby Fransje.

The next day we went to the home of Robbert's brother Jeroen & his girlfriend Geeske for dinner and relaxing on their roof garden.

We spent a night in Soest with Robbert's mother and drove the next day to the Ardennes, Belgium.

There we stayed in a house with Charles, Nicolien, Anna, Jeroen & Geeske. We hiked, kayaked, played music & games, and generally had a great time.

And then we went back to Amsterdam, by way of Maastricht, and had another couple of fun days with Oma and Charles, Nicolien & Anna.

Then we went home! To see all of our pictures from the trip, click here and use the arrows at the top to click through the photos.