The Cornell Dutch Club
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The Netherlands Philatelists of California

The Netherlands Philatelists of California

The Netherlands Philatelists of California was founded in 1969, and has held regular monthly meetings for more than 25 consecutive years . We meet, on a rotating basis, every third Saturday of the month at a member's home to socialize and discuss all aspects of the Philately of the Netherlands and related areas. In addition, we have been publishing a monthly Newsletter (12 issues per year), containing the minutes of the meeting as well as articles about Dutch Philately that the reader will find of general interest and as an aid for their collecting interest.

During Pacific'97 we published a 100-page, fully color illustrated set of 16 articles, to commemorate the 27 1/2 Year Anniversary of NPC. Copies at $20 can be ordered from the Secretary (for address see below). Postage (not included) is: US $3, Canada $5, rest of the world $7.

In addition, we have compiled all previous publications in one binder; this includes an Illustrated Dutch to English Philatelic Glossary. Cost is $15, plus postage as specified above.

If you would like to receive a sample copy of the Newsletter and/or would like to become a member please return this application to the Secretary.



Collecting Interests:

Dues are $8 for subscribing members in the U.S and Canada, $10 for regular members (members attending the monthly meetings). Membership outside the US and Canada is $14. This includes airmail shipping.

Secretary: Hans Kremer
252 Balceta Ct.
Danville, CA 94526
ph. 510,820-5841

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