The Cornell Dutch Club
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American Society for Netherlands Philately

American Society for Netherlands Philately

We are happy to introduce to you the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR NETHERLANDS PHILATELY (ASNP), affiliate # 60 of the American Philatelic Society.

Membership in the Society will give you the following benefits:

An illustrated JOURNAL, published three times a year, which contains exciting original articles about Netherlands and Related Areas Philately as well as, occasionally, translations of worthwhile articles that have been published elsewhere.

We also publish a Newsletter every four months, issued between Journals. It contains current news and information about our membership, new issues, library acquisitions, advertisements, collector penpal addresses and 'Member Ads', where you can advertise (for free) your want lists, offer items for sale or ask for help and information.

Another major benefit is access to the ASNP LIBRARY through borrowing priviliges. The ASNP, through member donations, has over the years established a top rated LIBRARY of books and periodicals pertaining to our specialty of Netherlands and Related Areas Philately.

Last, but definitely not least we should mention our AUCTION. This is the only auction in the USA that deals exclusively with Netherlands and Related Areas material. Really interesting items are being sold in our Auctions.

Membership runs from September 1 through August 31. Dues are $16 per year for members living in the USA and $21 outside the USA. You have the option of a six-month membership if you apply between March1 and August 31 for one half of the above rates ($8, or $10.50). Overseas members can get both the Journal and the Newsletter by airmail delivery for an additional $5. Your full membership will then start as of the following September 1.

As soon as we receive your completed application, with payment of dues in US dollars, we will also mail you a copy of our by-laws. You will then be eligible to vote in our annual elections, and, most importlantly, we will send you all curent issues of the Journal and/or Newsletter due you.

Please consider joining the ASNP.


Circle one:   Mr.   Mrs.   Miss    Ms.   Dr.    Rev.

Last Name (Print or Type) _____________________________ First Name ____________

Address   ________________________________________



Other Philatelic affiliations (if APS, member# please) _____________________________


My major collecting interests are:

___( 1)	Netherlands	___(11)	Plate faults
___( 2)	Netherlands Antilles	___(12)	Printing errors
___( 3)	Netherlands Indies	___(13)	Color variations
___( 4)	Netherlands New Guinea	___(14)	Stationery and covers
___( 5)	Surinam	___(15)	Revenues and railroads
___( 6)	Japanese Occupation N.I.	___(16)	Booklets or combinations
___( 7)	UNTEA	___(17)	Coils
___( 8)	FDC's	___(18)	Cancellations
___( 9)	Perforation varieties	___(19)	Selvedge information
___(10)	Proofs and Essays	___(20)	Franking labels
		___(21)	Perfins or POKO's

You have the option of a six-month membership if you apply between March and September for one-half the above rates ($8, or $10.50 U.S.). When joining late in our year, if you so request, your full membership would start September 1.

Please mail your application with payment payable to ASNP in U.S. dollars to: 
Jan Enthoven, W6428 Riverview Drive, Onalaska, WI 54650.
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