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Technical Reports and General Articles

  1. Generating Event Logics with Higher-Order Processes as Realizers, Computing and Information Science Technical Reports, Cornell University, 2011, (with M. Bickford and D. Guaspari).
  2. Computational Type Theory. Scholarpedia, 4(2):7618, 2009.
  3. Transforming the Academy: Knowledge Formation in the Age of Digital Information. Physica Plus, Online Magazine of the Israel Physical Society, Issue 9, 2009.
  4. Effectively Nonblocking Concensus Procedures Can Execute Forever - a Constructive Version of FLP, Cornell University Tech Report Ref Number 11512, 2008.
  5. A Causal Logic of Events in Formalized Computational Type Theory. Cornell University Technical Report TR2005-2010, 2005 (with M. Bickford).
  6. A Logic of Events. Cornell University Technical Report 2003-1893, 2003 (with M. Bickford).
  7. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic in PL/CV2. TR 80-424, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, 1980.
  8. Language Features that Support Program Verification (illustrated by PL/C). TR 76-276, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, 1976.
  9. PL/CS, a Disciplined Subset of PL/C. TR 76-273, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, 1976 (with R. Conway).
  10. Userís Guide for the PL/CV Program Verifier. Department of Computer Science, Cornell University (with M. O'Donnell, S. Johnson, and C. Hauser).