Using very simple statistics for review search: An exploration
Bo Pang and Lillian Lee
Proceedings of COLING: Companion volume: Posters, pp. 73--76, 2008

We report on work in progress on using very simple statistics in an unsupervised fashion to re-rank search engine results when review-oriented queries are issued; the goal is to bring opinionated or subjective results to the top of the results list. We find that our proposed technique performs comparably to methods that rely on sophisticated pre-encoded linguistic knowledge, and that both substantially improve the initial results produced by the Yahoo! search engine.

@inproceedings{Pang+Lee:08a, author = {Bo Pang and Lillian Lee}, title = {Using very simple statistics for review search: An exploration}, year = {2008}, pages = {73--76}, booktitle = {Proceedings of COLING: Companion volume: Posters} }

intuition: idiosyncrasy

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