From Roman Catholicism ... through Atheism ... to Christ.

Christoph Kreitz.

This is my personal testimony as presented at Faith Bible Church, Ithaca, NY 14850, in October 1989.

I would like to share how, after years of living in an atheistic belief system, I came to faith in Jesus Christ. My testimony describes many of my former views of the world in order to illustrate how I chose to deceive myself into thinking I had the purest motives while in reality I was just stubbornly refusing to listen to God's truth. It also shows how patiently God arranged a chain of events that finally broke my pride, opened my eyes, and made me trust in His word instead of what I would call the "Materialistic Religion".

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A shorter version is available in German below
Mein persönliches Glaubensbekenntnis habe ich im Jahre 2003 in einer gekürzten deutschen Version für die Baptistengemeinde Potsdam aufgeschrieben. Die ausführliche Version ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar.
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