A Uniform Proof Procedure for Classical and Non-classical Logics.

Jens Otten, Christoph Kreitz.

In G. Görz & S. Hölldobler, eds., KI-96: Advances in Artificial Intelligence,
LNAI 1137, pp. 307-319, Springer Verlag, 1996.


We present a proof procedure for classical and non-classical logics. The proof search is based on the matrix-characterization of validity where an emphasis on paths and connections avoids redundancies occurring in sequent or tableaux calculi. Our uniform path-checking algorithm operates on arbitrary (non-normal form) formulae and generalizes Bibel's connection method for classical logic and formulae in clause-form. It can be applied to intuitionistic and modal logics by modifying the component for testing complementarity of connected atoms. Besides a short and elegant path-checking procedure we present a specialized string-unification algorithm which is necessary for dealing with non-classical logics.

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