Towards a flexible LOPS implementation: an example of XPRTS programming.

Christoph Kreitz.

Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz ATP-79-X-87, Technische Universität München, 1987.


This paper describes an experimental approach to an implementation of a Program Synthesis System based on the system LOPS using the XPRTS Program Synthesizer Generator. As in the previous LOPS implementation the key idea is to apply equivalence transformations to a formula until an executable (and hopefully efficient) program is reached. Contrary to the previous system, however, the current implementation focuses on being flexible and easy to extend by using domain knowledge much more explicitly than before. In addition its strategies are organized in a hierarchical structure of abstraction levels. Lower level operations will be operations which transform formulae according to parameters given by the user while strategies from the higher levels will contain more and more heuristics how to select these parameters. In a sense the hierarchy is open-ended. Experiences from example syntheses may lead to insights on new methods which eventually will result in the implementation of strategies of a higher level. The only exception to that is the general strategy of LOPS which will be the top-level of the system.
The experimental implementation of strategies is done within the X-language described in the "user's manual for XPRTS" which together with some useful extensions is considered to be the ground level of the Program Synthesis system. For efficiency reasons, however, strategies once established should later be coded in C. In the paper we describe the current state of the implementation and give an outlook for work to be done.

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