The Horus and Ensemble Projects: Accomplishments and Limitations.

Ken Birman, Bob Constable, Mark Hayden, Jason Hickey, Christoph Kreitz, Robbert van Renesse, Ohul Rodeh, Werner Vogels.

In DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition (DISCEX 2000), Hilton Head, SC, pp. 149-160,
IEEE Computer Society Press
, 2000.


The Horus and Ensemble efforts culminated a multi-year Cornell research program in process group communication used for fault-tolerance, security and adaptation. Our intent was to understand the degree to which a single system could offer flexibility and yet maintain high performance, to explore the integration of fault-tolerance with security and real-time mechanisms, and to increase trustworthiness of our solutions by applying formal methods. Here, we summarize the accomplishments of the effort and evaluate the successes and failures of the approach.

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(Presentation: Ken Birman)

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