ARG-MINING 2015: Accepted Submissions

Automatic Claim Negation: Why, How and When
  Yonatan Bilu, Daniel Hershcovich and Noam Slonim
Identifying Prominent Arguments in Online Debates Using Semantic Textual Similarity
  Filip Boltužić and Jan Šnajder
Towards relation based Argumentation Mining
  Lucas Carstens and Francesca Toni
Identifying Argumentation Schemes in Genetics Research Articles
  Nancy Green
A Shared Task on Argumentation Mining in Newspaper Editorials
  Johannes Kiesel, Khalid Al Khatib, Matthias Hagen and Benno Stein
Linking the Thoughts: Analysis of Argumentation Structures in Scientific Publications
  Christian Kirschner, Judith Eckle-Kohler and Iryna Gurevych
Combining Argument Mining Techniques
  John Lawrence and Chris Reed
Extracting Argument and Domain Words for Identifying Argument Components in Texts
  Huy Nguyen and Diane Litman
And That's A Fact: Distinguishing Factual and Emotional Argumentation in Online Dialogue
  Shereen Oraby, Lena Reed, Ryan Compton, Ellen Riloff, Marilyn Walker and Steve Whittaker
Conditional Random Fields for Identifying Appropriate Types of Support for Propositions in Online User Comments
  Joonsuk Park, Arzoo Katiyar and Bishan Yang
Towards Detecting Counter-considerations in Text
  Andreas Peldszus and Manfred Stede
A Computational Approach for Generating Toulmin Model Argumentation
  Paul Reisert, Naoya Inoue, Naoaki Okazaki and Kentaro Inui
Argument Extraction from News
  Christos Sardianos, Ioannis Manousos Katakis, Georgios Petasis and Vangelis Karkaletsis
From Argumentation Mining to Stance Classification
  Parinaz Sobhani, Diana Inkpen and Stan Matwin
Argument Discovery and Extraction with the Argument Workbench
  Adam Wyner, Wim Peters and David Price
Learning Sentence Ordering for Opinion Generation of Debate
  Toshihiko Yanase, Toshinori Miyoshi, Kohsuke Yanai, Misa Sato, Makoto Iwayama, Yoshiki Niwa, Paul Reisert and Kentaro Inui

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