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Carla Gomes

Carla P. Gomes

gomes at
Professor and Director
Institute for Computational Sustainability

Recent News and Press

Keynote speaker at ICAART 2019
ICAART - Feb 19, 2019

AI adjusts for gaps in citizen science data
Cornell Chronicle - Jan 25, 2019

Learning from the big picture
Nature Materials: News & Views - Nov 23, 2018

Recent PhD grad wins highest award for junior AI researchers
Stanford Engineering - May 8, 2018

Stefano Ermon was Gomes' student

Phase Mapper: Accelerating Materials Discovery with AI
AI Magazine - Mar 23, 2018

Featured on the cover page

AI for Discovering Clean Energy Materials
Cornell Research - 10/19/2017

Computing cost-effective wildlife corridors
Mongabay Wildtech - 11/11/2016

Teaching robots to solve their own problems
Cornell Chronicle - 11/10/2016

Materials to do anything under the sun
Cornell Engineering Magazine - 10/4/2016

App tracks Kenya's best places to graze
Futurity Science and Technology - 2/20/2015

Contact Information

Dept. Computer Science
353 Gates Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853 USA

Faculty of Computing and Information Science
Dept. Information Science
Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

607-255-9189 (voice); 607-255-4428 (fax)
gomes at