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Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:15pm in G01 Gates Hall - Mentor's Lecture Hall (Unless otherwise indicated)
Reception at 3:45 in front of 416 Gates Hall - New Visions


Thursday 01.28.16

From Matrix to Tensor: The Search for Low-Rank Approximations 

Speaker: Charlie Van Loan, Cornell

Tuesday 02.02.16

Provably Efficient Algorithms as Tensor Equations 

Speaker: Edgar Solomonik, Berkeley

Host: David Bindel

Thursday 02.04.16

Querying Without Keyboards: Challenges in Gesture-driven Data Exploration

Speaker: Arnab Nandi, Ohio State University

Host: Nate Foster

Tuesday 02.09.16

No Colloquium

Thursday 02.11.16

Efficient algorithms from sparsity & structure: computational methods for 

physical & statistical models

Speaker: Anil Damle, Stanford

Host: Charlie Van Loan

Tuesday 02.16.16

No Colloquium - Fall Break

Thursday 02.18.16

Unleashing Hardware Potential through Better OS Abstractions

Speaker: Adam Belay, Stanford

Host: Andrew Myers

Tuesday 02.23.16

Teaching Old Sensors New Tricks

Speaker: Mayank Goel, UWash

Host: Ross Knepper

Thursday 02.25.16

Randomness, Algebra, and Computation
Speaker: Michael Forbes, MIT

Host: David Steurer

Tuesday 03.01.16

Accelerating Advanced Analytics

Speaker: Arun Kumar, Madison

Host: Andrew Myers

Wednesday 03.02.16 (Talk in 411 Rhodes a 4:15, reception at 3:45 in 258 Rhodes)

Scalable Gaussian Processes for Scientific Discovery

Joint CS/ORIE Speaker: Andrew Wilson, CMU

Host: Karthik Sridharan

Thursday 03.03.16

Middleboxes as a cloud service

Speaker: Justine Sherry, Berkeley 

Host: Robbert van Renesse

Monday 03.07.16 (Talk at 4:00 in 155 Olin with reception at 3:30)

Adaptive Crowd Algorithms for Open-Ended Problems

Joint CS/IS Speaker: Lydia Chilton, UWash

Host: Erik Anderson

Tuesday 03.08.16

Query optimization for data science 

Speaker: Immanuel Trummer, EPFL

Host: Nate Foster

Thursday 03.10.16

The Role of Interaction in Parallel Computing and Economics 

Speaker: Omri Weinstein, NYU

Host: Eva Tardos

Tuesday 03.15.16

Optimal Social Decision Making 

Speaker: Nisarg Shah, CMU

Host: Joe Halpern

Tuesday 03.22.16

Breaking Barriers between Humans and Geometry

Speaker: Alec Jacobson, Columbia

Host: Steve Marschner

Thursday 03.24.16

Building Systems that Query on Compressed Data

Speaker: Rachit Agarwal, Berkeley

Host: Elaine Shi

Tuesday 03.29.16

No Colloquium - Spring Break


Thursday 03.31.16

No Colloquium - Spring Break


Tuesday 04.05.16

Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Data Center Networks

Speaker: Vincent Liu, UWash

Host: Ken Birman

Thursday 04.07.16

The many ways to understand the pixels

Speaker: Philipp Krähenbühl, Berkeley

Host: Kavita Bala

Tuesday 04.12.16

Exploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures

Speaker: Roger Grosse, U of Toronto

Host: Kilian Weinberger

Thursday 04.14.16

Physically-Based Simulation for Animation and Fabrication

Speaker: David Levin, UBC

Host: Steve Marschner 

Tuesday 04.19.16

Predicting Human Visual Memory Using Deep Learning 

Speaker: Aditya Khosla, MIT 

Host: Kavita Bala

Thursday 04.21.16

Interactive Machine Learning for Information Extraction

Speaker: Sameer Singh, UWash

Host: Karthik Sridharan

Tuesday 04.26.16

Computer Vision in a Dynamic World

Speaker: Katerina Fragkiadaki, Berkeley

Host: Kavita Bala

Thursday 04.28.16

Less Talking, More Learning: Avoiding Coordination in Parallel Machine Learning Algorithms

Speaker: Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Berkeley

Host: Kilian Weinberger

Tuesday 05.03.16

Wireless Systems that Extend Our Senses: Seeing Through Walls, Gesture Control, and Vital Sign Monitoring

Speaker: Fadel Adib, MIT

Host: Robbert van Renesse 

Thursday 05.05.16

Making the Internet Fast

Speaker: Ethan Katz-Bassett, USC

Host: Nate Foster

Tuesday 05.10.16

Organizing Computation for High-Performance Visual Computing 

Speaker: Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Stanford

Host: Kavita Bala

Thursday 05.12.16

A System for Large Scale Machine Learning

Speaker: Tong Zhang, Rutgers

Host: Karthik Sridharan

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